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The Last Source of Truth

The email newsletter is the last true stronghold of free speech on the internet.  I still ask people to join my Facebook groups.  But, I trust the newsletter more.  That's because the "right to explanation" was left out of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  I'll explain more about that later.  But, for now, you have a rare opportunity to gain first hand knowledge of how inefficient this new regulation is.  They are going to make this as difficult as possible.  As soon as you push the "Subscribe to List" button below, you will be asked to prove that you are human.  Then, after you prove that you are human, you will receive a confirmation message in your SPAM filter.  That's right, the truth usually ends up in the SPAM filter.  But, after you confirm your subscription, you will get an invitation to our exclusive Facebook communities.  By subscribing to this newsletter you are giving me permission to send you information from Charles Black and Multi Fest.  Remain steadfast in your efforts to sight up for a simple email newsletter.  Enter your email address before you push the "Subscribe to List" button.  
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